Did Patrick Brown disgrace his position as a Member of Parliament; and why has the "Honourable" MP for Barrie been hiding from our evidence for three years?

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The evidence of this story has been heard by three courts, one criminal and two civil,
and in all three cases the judgment was made in our favour.

Barrie Police Brutality Caught On Video
Constable Jason Nevill Convicted of Brutal Assault

Justice Finally Served In Hazzard County

On Friday, June 21, 2013 Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester entered a verdict of GUILTY against long-time Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill; convicting the violent thug of assault causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice, and fabricating evidence.

His victim, Jason Stern, and the socially conscious citizens of Barrie breathed a collectively sigh of relief.

At the time of the assault, Nevill claimed in official reports that Stern had been intoxicated and that the then 25 year old man had attempted to knee or kick the officer in the groin; however, ALL charges against Stern were dropped by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County after the defence attorney subpoenaed surveillance video from Bayfield Mall which showed clearly that Nevill had attacked Stern without provocation.

Inexplicably, the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to collect that evidence even though video from the mall’s surveillance cameras had been used to prosecute other cases.

That video also showed how the 230 lb Nevill, a self-admitted fan of mixed martial arts, used advanced combat training to viciously beat the man half his size, and how he had continued the assault even after his victim had been handcuffed and had passed out from smashing his head on the concrete; where Stern left a pool of blood that other officers later made ‘go away’ with buckets of water in a transparent attempt to cover up the crimes for their buddy.

What we want to know is are those other officers also going to be charged with obstruction of justice and destroying evidence, and if not why?

Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester took about an hour to read his verdict, at which time he noted “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth thousands of words,” and “(Nevill) may have been capable of belief if the mall video did not exist.” That statement by a judge leads us to wonder how many times officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services have manufactured falsified evidence in order to attain a conviction against innocent victims.

How many innocent citizens are currently stewing in the Penetanguishene Super-jail for want of surveillance video, and how many lives have been destroyed by the word of an officer like Jason Nevill?

Judge Chester stated that he had watched the Bayfield Mall surveillance video “hundreds of times”. It is therefore not very surprising that he entered a verdict of GUILTY against the violent abuser of authority who was recorded “rag-dolling” 25-year-old Jason Stern, and jumping on him, and handcuffing him, and punching him in the head, even after the much smaller man lay bleeding on the pavement.

Why do we continue to accept this kind of brutal abuse of authority as legitimate law enforcement in a country where our citizens' rights are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

As can be seen in the video, other officers of the Barrie Police Services showed up during and immediately after the vicious assault by one of their own, and they could see the damage being done by Nevill against an injured man, yet NONE of them took ANY action to quell the assault by their buddy. All they did is stand by and watch, and then corroborate Nevill’s story so they could frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest; the result of which would most likely have been a two year stay in the Penetanguishene Super-jail.

ALL of those officers were clearly are quite willing to destroy evidence and falsify records to protect one of their own, so shouldn’t a review be initiated into ALL suspicious convictions?

During the trial the representative for the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County noted that Jason Stern had done nothing more than exercise his right to remain silent, as is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by refusing to surrender the name of a friend who had been accused of damaging a Styrofoam Christmas ornament worth about a dollar. This kind of disdain, as demonstrated by officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services when dealing with the rights of citizens, as are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is exactly what our documentary is about . . .

. . . and, sadly, the stories told by Jason Stern and our producer are FAR from isolated incidents.

That almost backwoods hillbilly ‘this is how it’s done around here’ mentality, as maintained by many officers of the Barrie Police Services, is the reason this region has been dubbed ‘Hazzard County’ by the Appellate Courts of Toronto. You need look no further than the April 10, 2013 acquittal of Constables Kevin Calleja, Nathan Bowman and Marco Coniglione of the Barrie Police Services who were accused of forcing their way into the home of Michael Ullman, a 64-year-old retired engineer, without a warrant; at which time he claimed the officers kicked, kneed and punched him without provocation following a family disagreement with his sister on July 6, 2009. The decision in that case to acquit the officers flew in the face of the evidence presented by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, represented by Robin Flummerflet, who submitted photos that showed Ullman's body covered in welts and bruises. Ullman also suffered a broken arm. Flummerflet also played a video that showed Ullman being dragged into the police station crying out in pain due to his broken arm being hand cuffed behind his back. Despite the ‘open’ concept of our criminal justice system, the Hazzard County judge ruled that the media could not have access to the video. Given the interest generated by the Nevill video, that was found by the victim’s lawyer and distributed by the media via the Internet, it is little wonder that a Hazzard County judge would not want the Ullman video getting out to the public.

Clearly it doesn’t take much in Hazzard County to provoke an officer to abuse your rights, or to viciously assault you, and to frame you with the help of their buddies in order to cover up their own crimes.

The conviction against this long-serving ‘colourful’ officer of the Barrie Police Services was long overdue, but it is not enough to satisfy the thirst for justice that is now building in Barrie; partially as a result of this story. The assault, and the extensive media coverage, might have resulted in a conviction against Nevill, and rightfully so, but he was helped by two security guards who held the victim down while Nevill punched and kneed his way to glory, and other officers worked collaboratively with Nevill to frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and for obstruction of justice; neither of which ever occurred, according to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County. If it was not for that surveillance video, which the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to present to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, an innocent man would most likely have been convicted of multiple crimes and sent to Penetanguishene Super-jail; based solely on the testimony of a now convicted violent criminal and the corroboration of his buddies in the Barrie Police Services. It is our hope that this criminal conviction of a once respected officer of the Barrie Police Services will stimulate local judges to at least question the truth of the word of those officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services . . .

. . . who are all too often trusted on face value and seldom questioned by officials in Hazzard County.