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In an article dated Sunday, May 3, 2015 Toronto Star journalist Jim Coyle noted: Aileen Carroll, Brown’s Liberal opponent in 2004 and 2006, said word got around that Brown had little interest in policy and was focused only on building a political base. He’s now so infiltrated with city councillors and school boards, she says, he’s known as “Boss Hawg." (View reference here) (View digital print here)

This documentary is non-partisan, and is not supported by any political group.
Our interest is NOT the Ontario PC Party, and we mean no harm to their Caucus.

Did Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown abuse his position as MP for Barrie; and if not then why has he been hiding from our evidence for three years?

Hypocrisy in Hazzard County is a socially poignant exposé documentary for television through which we will reveal details of the criminal level abuses of authority committed by Patrick Brown, the new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Since 2012 we have accused Patrick Brown openly and publicly in our own names of abusing the public trust bestowed upon him as the federal MP for Barrie, which occurred when Patrick Brown called upon specific detectives of the Barrie Police Services to knowingly and wilfully violate the rights of an innocent constituent in order to protect friends of the Harper government who were about to be sued for breach of contract. That exposure would have embarrassed Patrick Brown directly as he had just given those political allies $23,666.00 of tax payer money through a scheme that now appears to have been fraudulent.
Those intimidation motivated charges were ultimately abandoned by the Crown Attorney as unsupportable under the law, and the action was then dismissed outright by a court of law as a blatant and transparent violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Despite repeated offers by us for him to do so, Patrick Brown has NEVER refuted our allegations. Instead, this supposed future 'leader' of Ontario has been hiding from our cameras and our evidence for more than three years.
The documentary is being produced by a twenty-plus year veteran of video production and media, who in addition to having taught media studies at three colleges in Ontario and British Columbia has also worked as a documentary producer for organizations ranging from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to Greenpeace in Europe. As an international print journalist and news photographer / videographer our Producer has worked in both Canada and abroad, where he covered events including conflict in the Balkans and the Middle East. He has also been licensed multiple times as a private investigator by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services; the same government office that oversees police in Ontario.
We are told that Patrick Brown is now manufacturing cause for his cowardly refusal to face our evidence by first claiming that we are “mistaken” regarding his involvement in this story, and then most recently by accusing that this documentary is some kind of a con-scheme; despite that we have asked for nothing of Patrick Brown other than that he face our evidence on camera. Regardless, neither claim is viable when considering that just last year, in November 2014, our Producer was honoured by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie who named an award after his branding business at their annual Barrie Business Award Gala, and subsequent to that honour our team was featured on Rogers Television as an example of innovative business. It is also a sad reality for the run and hide new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario that our Producer is one of the most philanthropic small business operators in Barrie, who not only provides the ONLY free charity sign in the city, he also donates hundreds of hours of time and resources each year to various community based not-for-profit groups and events. That is hardly the psychological profile of somebody who is given to flights of fantasy, nor is it the ethical resume of a con-artist. We are not afraid to present our case via live pod-cast to the court of public opinion, so why clearly does the idea of the truth frighten Patrick Brown so deeply?

This story has been online for more than three years and Patrick Brown has NEVER once shown the courage to challenge our claims or evidence.

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